Intermodal IOT Utilizing Minifi/Nifi/Hadoop

Thursday, March 21
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Room 129-130

Deeper look into Trac Intermodal’s journey into IOT transforming an age old traditional industry. Trac Intermodal, a leading intermodal company in North America, is spearheading the development of a smart chassis to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and generate additional revenue. Using a combination of Minifi, Apache NiFi, HDF, and HDP to read sensory data from the chassis fleet allows Trac Intermodal to improve the reliability of the fleet by enforcing preventative maintenance of the fleet, reducing costs in the way of fraud detection and balancing of the fleet, and enabling additional revenue by tracking usage of chassis not related to billable events.

High Level Architecture: Minifi is used to collect and gather sensor information on the edge device, sending the data via S2S to an HDF external gateway then through the firewall to the HDF and HDP internal clusters. Data is processed in real-time and streamed to respective visualizations after enrichment with internal company data.

Use Cases/Business impact: preventative maintenance, fraud detection, fleet balancing.


Timothy Spann
Senior Solutions Engineer
Hortonworks, Inc.
Tim Spann was a Senior Solutions Architect at AirisData working with Apache Spark and Machine Learning. Previously he was a Senior Software Engineer at SecurityScorecard (" helping to build a reactive platform for monitoring real-time 3rd party vendor security risk in Java and Scala. Before that he was a Senior Field Engineer for Pivotal focusing on CloudFoundry, HAWQ and Big Data. He is an avid blogger and the Big Data Zone Leader for Dzone ( He runs the the very successful Future of Data Princeton meetup with over 830 members at He is currently a Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks in the Princeton New Jersey area. You can find all the source and material behind his talks at his Github and Community blog:
Shauna Davis
Technical Manager, Big Data Architecture
Trac Intermodal
Shauna Davis has worked in the IT industry for 14+ years and has held various positions throughout application and big data development. She's most recently leading the Big Data Development Team at Trac Intermodal as the Technical Manager of Big Data Architecture.