Achieving a 360-degree view of manufacturing via open source industrial data management

Achieving a 360-degree view of manufacturing via open source industrial data management

Wednesday, April 18
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Room V

Continuously improving factory operations is of critical importance to manufacturers. Consider the facts: the total cost of poor quality amounts to a staggering 20% of sales (American Society of Quality), and unplanned downtime costs plants approximately $50 billion per year (Deloitte).

The most pressing questions are: which process variables effect quality and yield and which process variables predict equipment failure? Getting to those answers is providing forward thinking manufacturers a leg up over competitors.

The speakers address the data management challenges facing today's manufacturers, including proprietary systems and siloed data sources, as well as an inability to make sensor-based data usable.

Integrating enterprise data from ERP, MES, maintenance systems, and other sources with real-time operations data from sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems, and historians represents a major first step. But how to get started? What is the value of a data lake? How are AI/ML being applied to enable real time action?

Join us for this educational session, which includes a view into a roadmap for an open source industrial IoT data management platform.

Key Takeaways:
• Understand key use cases commonly undertaken by manufacturing enterprises
• Understand the value of using multivariate manufacturing data sources, as opposed to a single sensor on a piece of equipment
• Understand advances in big data management and streaming analytics that are paving the way to next-generation factory performance

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Hortonworks, Inc.
マイケル・ガーは、業界および情報テクノロジー戦略の担当者として25年の勤務経験があります。彼は商品開発、製造、サプライチェーンおよび顧客経験関連の事業プロセスに関して産業間共通の深い知識を持っています。Hortonworksの製造および自動車部門の部長として、マイクはソリューション ビジョンおよび各業界の市場開拓戦略の推進に貢献し、業界のリーダーと提携しビッグデータ分析を通して次世代の事業洞察を推進します。Hortonworksに入社する以前、マイクは、Oracleの自動車業界部門のリーダーとして20年以上勤務し、A.T.カーニーにてオートモーティブマネジメント顧問、ジェネラルモータース (サターン部門) にて生産技師として勤務しました。
Wade Salazar
Solutions Engineer
Hortonworks, Inc.
Wade Salazar serves Hortonworks as a Solutions Engineering in Houston TX. Educated as an electrical engineer, fluent in many programming languages, and having worked in the control systems trade for over a decade before joining Hortonworks. Wade's operational technology background adds depth to Hortonworks solutions engineering team and for customers in the energy and manufacturing sectors where the most valuable data sources are often control systems. Outside of work Wade is passionate about technology, the outdoors, cooking, dogs, horses and Texas lore.