Not Just a necessary evil, it’s good for business: implementing PCI DSS controls for Hadoop ecosystem at UK’s largest card issuer

Not Just a necessary evil, it’s good for business: implementing PCI DSS controls for Hadoop ecosystem at UK’s largest card issuer

Wednesday, April 18
4:50 PM - 5:30 PM
Convention Hall I - C

For firms in the financial industry, especially within regulated organizations such as credit card processors and banks, PCI DSS compliance has become a business and operational necessity. Although the blueprint of a PCI-compliant architecture varies from organization to organization, the mixture of modern Hadoop-based data lakes and legacy systems are a common theme.

In this talk, we will discuss recent updates to PCI DSS and how significant portions of PCI DSS compliance controls can be achieved using open source Hadoop security stack and technologies for the Hadoop ecosystem. We will provide a broad overview of implementing key aspects of PCI DSS standards at WorldPay such as encryption management, data protection with anonymization, separation of duties, and deployment considerations regarding securing the Hadoop clusters at the network layer from a practitioner’s perspective. The talk will provide patterns and practices map current Hadoop security capabilities to security controls that a PCI-compliant environment requires.

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David Walker
Enterprise Data Platform Programme Director
David has over 20 years’ technical leadership expertise and has led the development and management of complex BI solutions, supporting technical architectures for a wide range of organisations spanning SME start-ups to large enterprise. In his role at Worldpay, David specialises in developing and delivering the Enterprise Data Platform, a multi-tenant highly secure Hadoop platform for decision engines, analytics and reporting using his experience and knowledge in technical architecture, data modelling, ETL design, data quality, and metadata management. A key aspect of David’s role also involves acting as the lynchpin between Worldpay’s commercial and technical business leaders by regularly engaging at the executive level. David also manages cross-cultural teams in the analysis of technical infrastructures and the delivery of innovative and successful change programmes.
Hortonworks, Inc.
スリカンス・ベンカットは、現在、HortonworksにてApache Knox、Apache Ranger、Apache Atlas、プラットフォーム ワイド セキュリティ、Hortonworks DataPlane Serviceを含む、製品のセキュリティ&ガバナンスのポートフォリオに携わっています。Hortonworksに入社する以前は、クラウドサービス、市場、セキュリティ、ビジネスアプリケーションなどの分野で様々な職務の経験があります。スリカンスは、製品管理から、戦略および運営、テクニカルアーキテクチャまで様々な分野でリーダーシップの経験があり、TelefonicaやSalesforce、Cisco-Webex、Proofpoint、Dataguise、Trilogy Software、Hewlett-Packardを含む、新興企業からグローバル企業まで広範囲の職務経験を持ちます。スリカンスは、ピッツバーグ大学で人工知能に焦点を置いたエンジニアリングの博士号、インディアナ大学でGeneral ManagementのMBA、サンダーバード国際経営大学院にてグローバルマネジメントの修士号を取得しています。趣味はデータサイエンスと機械学習で、ビッグデータテクノロジーを触ることを楽しんでいます。