Automotive and Manufacturing – Industry Highlight at DataWorks Summit Barcelona


The automotive industry is in the midst of a deep transformation, driven by dramatic shifts in consumer demand, expanding regulatory requirements, and the explosion of disruptive technologies that put pressure on prior business models. In response, automotive leaders are racing to find new ways to innovate and change their operations to take advantage of those transformational forces.

DataWorks Summit Barcelona will provide attendees with two days of learning and discovery where developers and business leaders come together to explore what’s next in AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud, and more. If you’re interested in the learning about what to watch for in AI and machine learning as it applies to the Automotive industry, you won’t want to miss out on this event!

We have two great sessions including:

  • Best Practices for Managing and Sharing Data in a Connected World
  • Open Source Data management for Industry 4.0.

In addition to these sessions however, you will be able to network with industry peers and pioneers and get answers to your top questions while learning how to apply open source technology to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.Register now for big savings on ticket prices, they go up January 1!

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