Come check out the Cloud, Big Data Architecture and Operations Track at DataWorks Summit in Barcelona!


A hybrid, multi-cloud data architecture that optimizes information placement and processing between on-premises data centers and the cloud is critical to scale and flexibility. But it must also provide a global and integrated view of all your data with consistent operations, governance, and security.

This track will provide the latest best practices on how to build modern data architectures. You’ll learn about key open source projects, including Apache Ambari, Cloudbreak, and related technologies and how they integrate with the latest cloud offerings to enable transformative changes. You’ll interact with technical leads, committers, and experts who are driving research, key features, and roadmaps in the extended open source big data architecture.

Sessions cover the full deployment lifecycle, how to set up and manage high-availability configurations, and how DevOps practices can help speed solutions into production. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to manage data across the edge, the data center, and the cloud. And come hear cutting-edge best practices for large-scale deployments.

Some sessions to put on your agenda:

  • Securing Data in Hybrid On- Premise and Cloud Environments using Apache Ranger
  • Audi’s Hadoop Journey to the Hybrid Cloud
  • Losing Data in a Safe Way – Advanced Replication Strategies in Apache Hadoop Ozone
  • Near Real-time Search Index Generation with Lambda Architecture and Spark Streaming at Walmart Scale
  • Apache Druid Auto Scale-out/in for Streaming Data Ingestion on Kubernetes
  • HDP-HDF Auto Scaling on Azure Using Cloudbreak
  • An Early Evaluation of Running Spark on Kubernetes
  • Growing a Better Data Lake Together
  • Santander Corporate Investment Banking BIg Data Architecture
  • A Journey to a Serverless Business Intelligence Machine Learning and Big Data platform
  • YARN Containerized Services: Fading The Lines Between On-Prem and Cloud

Remember, registration prices go up January 1, so grab your Early Bird Tickets Now!!

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