Community Mega Meetup at DataWorks Summit San Jose


The Community team at Hortonworks is thrilled to announce our upcoming Community Mega Meetup starting at 6PM on Monday, June 18, 2018, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to kick off DataWorks Summit.

We will be hosting a total of 9 meetup groups for the event: Big Data Developers, Cognitive Computing Enthusiasts, Apache NiFi Users Group, Big Data Science, Silicon Valley Cyber Security, Apache Ambari User Group, Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source, Future of Data, and H2O AI & Deep Learning.

Topics will cover Data Science and Machine Learning, Connected and Autonomous Cars, Deep Learning and Blockchain, and the latest in Apache Spark, Apache Nifi, Apache Ambari, and Apache Metron.

Space is limited so we encourage you to RSVP in advance. Please register via each individual meetup link to join. You don’t have to be registered for DataWorks Summit to attend the meetups – everyone is welcome to come!

Community Mega Meetup Topics

Data Science & Machine Learning – IBM – REGISTER

  • Machine Learning Models in Production
  • Enabling a hardware accelerated deep learning data science experience for Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Exploring Graph Use Cases with JanusGraph
  • Achieve Better Analytics and Deeper Insights With IBM Digital Insights Platform

Breaking Through the Challenges of Scalable Deep Learning for Video Analytics – REGISTER 
When developing a machine learning system, the possibilities are limitless. However, with the recent explosion of Big Data and AI, there are more options than ever to filter through.

All Things Spark – Machine Learning, Atlas integration, ORC & Hive EDW updates – REGISTER
We will cover machine and deep learning use cases and performance; Apache Atlas integration to enable governance and metadata; performance improvements and Parquet parity with Apache ORC; and finally we will cover Apache Hive EDW connector enabling data warehouse initiatives for advanced business analytics.

Big Data Science – REGISTER
Join us for this session where we look at five different industry use cases of applying AI techniques to document processing workflows.

Deep Dive into Apache Metron And Big Data Security – REGISTER
Learn about the new enhancements available in Metron and future releases that help organizations optimize the performance and efficiency of their Security Operations Centers.

Open Source Innovation Driving Connected and Autonomous Automotive Future – REGISTER
Discover how Apache NiFi stream processing is driving next generation connected vehicle capabilities and use cases. Next, discover new Hadoop 3.0 capabilities driving Autonomous Driving innovation.

Simplifying Feature Engineering & Model Tuning, Ensembling & Deployment – REGISTER is democratizing AI by automating machine learning. It fully automates some of the most challenging and productive tasks in applied data science such as feature engineering, model tuning, model ensembling and model deployment.

Apache NiFi – REGISTER
Come hear two talks on some of the latest developments in the Apache NiFi community – Apache NiFi Registry and NiFi & Kafka with Record Oriented Data.

Apache Ambari – REGISTER
The Ambari product and engineering team will talk about improvements being made to the UI, metrics, logging, scalability, and other core areas within Ambari as the project is being re-imagined.

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