DataWorks Summit Singapore – Cloud and Big Data Architecture Track Spotlight


DataWorks Summit Singapore is right around the corner and excitement is building throughout the ASEAN region. We’ll have four key tracks in Singapore, including one super hot topic–Cloud and Big Data Architecture. As more and more companies are looking at cloud solutions for their data, they all agree that it’s a massive effort, but DataWorks Summit can show you that it doesn’t have to be scary.

モダン データアーキテクチャは、企業がデータの成長に沿ってデータを測定することを可能にし、ありとあらゆるデータソースの消費への柔軟性、そして最新のオープンソース分析ツールから深い洞察を推進するプラットフォームを提供します。データ戦略とクラウド戦略間の適切なバランスを成立させることが第1のステップです。多くの企業にとって、オンプレミスとクラウド間の情報アーキテクチャを最適化するハイブリッド マルチクラウド データアーキテクチャは重要です。さらに、企業は一貫した運営、統治、安全性をもってすべてのデータに関するグローバルで総合的な見解を提供する必要もあります。

This track will provide the latest best practices on how to build modern data architectures. You’ll learn about key open source projects, including Apache Hadoop and related technologies, and how they integrate with the latest cloud offering to enable these transformative changes. You’ll interact with technical leads, committers, and experts who are driving the roadmaps, key features, and research around what is coming next and the extended open source big data architecture.

Don’t miss this year’s best opportunity to connect with hundreds of industry thought leaders and experts as they share their experiences, best practices, and lessons learned along the way.

We hope you will join us in Singapore for DataWorks Summit. 登録 today!

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