DataWorks Summit Barcelona is around the corner, filled with fantastic keynotes, great sessions and crash courses. To top it off, this year we will repeat a very successful Demopalooza session from DataWorks San Jose in 2018. We handpicked the coolest and most engaging demos covering enterprise IoT, big data, and AI. These demos are coming from our customers as well as our teams to showcase some of the shiny product features while addressing different enterprise use cases.

Demopalooza will take place during the sponsor reception in the Expo Theatre and will feature four demos of 15 minutes each. The host will start each demo session with 1 min team intro, followed by a 12 min demo, and wrapped up by quick 3 min Q&A. After the demo, attendees will be able to continue the conversation with the demo team members during the reception over food and drinks.

This will be a lot of fun, we hope to see you there!

The Cloudera Community Team

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