What to expect from the Cloud, Big Data Architecture and Operations Track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona


To continue our Q&A series with the DataWorks Summit Barcelona track chairs, we spoke with Gergely Devenyi, chair of the Cloud, Big Data Architecture, and Operations track. As one of our largest tracks of the event, Gergely has had the opportunity to see a wide range of session submissions and partake in the decisions behind which ones to choose. Continue reading to gain great insights into what to expect of the sessions in this track, as well as advise for how to have your abstracts selected in the future.

Gergely Devenyi
Director of Engineering, Cloudera
Track: Cloud, Big Data Architecture, and Operations



What are the trends you are seeing in the industry related to Cloud, Big Data Architecture, and Operations? Why do you think those trends deserve attention right now?
We have seen a growing interest around multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments along with container orchestration platforms. We have selected a number of talks both from the customer side and the developer community that double-clicks on cloud-specific concerns such as autoscaling, replication strategies and the “serverless” experience.

What were you looking for in sessions when going through the selection process?
Relevancy to the track, speaker quality and track record are the basics. Novelty and usability of the topic explored take a submission to the next level. Then, demonstrating a hands-on use case or actual problem solving with meaningful takeaways that are generic enough to reach a broad audience is what drives a talk the top of the list.

What session are you most excited about from the Cloud, Big Data Architecture, and Operations track?
I’m very interested in An Early Evaluation of Running Spark on Kubernetes given that Google has just recently announced the beta of the k8s Spark Operator. I also highly recommend Losing Data in a Safe Way – Advanced Replication Strategies in Apache Hadoop Ozone due to the practicality of this niche topic and the humor of my compatriot speaker.

Why should someone attend DataWorks Summit Barcelona? In your experience, what can you get at this conference that you can’t get anywhere else?
It’s an amazing event that has grown huge in the recent years yet kept its cozy, casual and high-tech vibe. There’s always exciting sessions to attend and in between, you can socialize in fun ways such as doing jenga with a random data practitioner.

Is there anything else you think readers should know about your track and the sessions that comprise it?
We have focused on a good balance between end-users and developers, practical use cases and theory – battle-proven and experimental. I hope we will be able to provide tremendous value to a great deal of attendants!

View all of the Cloud, Big Data Architecture, and Operations sessions at DataWorks Summit Barcelona by visiting the agenda and sorting the filter by track.

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