Big Traffic, Big Trouble: Big Data.

With the rise of IoT, protection against botnets is ever more important. Recent attacks have seen bad actors renting out networks of hundreds of thousands of compromised devices, sending over a terabyte of traffic a second. With botnets as a service, and cloud-like technology being used against us, how can we keep up, find the compromised devices, and stop them, before they stop our networks? The answer is highly scalable, high speed streaming platforms, and human-in-the-loop analytics supported by state of the art real-time visualization.

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Hortonworks, Inc.
サイモン エリストンバールはデータサイエンティストで、製品管理の経験があり、Hortonworksのようなベンダーから、小売、ヘッジファンド、そしてウェブ業界のデータユーザーまで、数々のデータテクノロジー会社に勤めていました。専門はビッグデータ、機械学習、そしてこれらのテクノロジーを駆使して結果を促進することです。
Justin Langseth
Founder / Chairman
Mr. Justin Langseth founded Zoomdata in 2012, and is its Chairman of the Board. Previously, he co-founded Clarabridge, Inc. in 2005 and served as its President Chief Technology Officer, and co-founded Claraview Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Claraview, he was founder and Chief Technology Officer of, a real-time data analysis and alerting subsidiary of MicroStrategy. He holds 12 patents related to big and real-time data. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a SB in Management of Information Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management.