From Multiple Data Centers to Multi-Cloud: A Hybrid Architecture Journey

In this session, you will see how companies can go from storing and analyzing its data within data centers to implementing an open source hybrid architecture that takes advantage of cloud's elasticity and new use cases. We will get a personal view of the challenges faced in safely moving data from on-premises data centers into multiple public clouds, safeguarding it through replication and then applying consistent security and governance policies across diverse environments to deliver trusted data and insights to the business.

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Hortonworks, Inc.
スリカンス・ベンカットは、現在、HortonworksにてApache Knox、Apache Ranger、Apache Atlas、プラットフォーム ワイド セキュリティ、Hortonworks DataPlane Serviceを含む、製品のセキュリティ&ガバナンスのポートフォリオに携わっています。Hortonworksに入社する以前は、クラウドサービス、市場、セキュリティ、ビジネスアプリケーションなどの分野で様々な職務の経験があります。スリカンスは、製品管理から、戦略および運営、テクニカルアーキテクチャまで様々な分野でリーダーシップの経験があり、TelefonicaやSalesforce、Cisco-Webex、Proofpoint、Dataguise、Trilogy Software、Hewlett-Packardを含む、新興企業からグローバル企業まで広範囲の職務経験を持ちます。スリカンスは、ピッツバーグ大学で人工知能に焦点を置いたエンジニアリングの博士号、インディアナ大学でGeneral ManagementのMBA、サンダーバード国際経営大学院にてグローバルマネジメントの修士号を取得しています。趣味はデータサイエンスと機械学習で、ビッグデータテクノロジーを触ることを楽しんでいます。
Ram Venkatesh
VP Engineering
Hortonworks, Inc.
I am the VP of Engineering for Hortonworks. I am a systems guy, deeply interested in all aspects of creating mission-critical enterprise software. Over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Together we have shipped many products, from object persistence engines in Smalltalk and Java to RDBMS systems to RFID middleware to Real-Time Visibility and Control Systems. But that is in the past. The future has never been brighter for data-intensive systems. I am excited by the potential that customers see in the big data revolution, from being the transactional system of record to unlocking business insights. Technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop YARN, and Apache Tez take data-intensive computation and analysis to the next level – to paraphrase Stonebraker, in data models and in life what goes around comes around, the trick is to have fun along the way and make every journey count.