Securing data in hybrid environments using Apache Ranger

Tuesday, June 19
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
Executive Ballroom 210C/G

Companies are increasingly moving to the cloud to store and process data. In this talk, we will talk through how companies can use tag-based policies in Apache Ranger to protect access to data both in on-premises environments as well in AWS-based cloud environments. We will go into details of how tag-based policies work and the integration with Apache Atlas and various services. We will also talk through how companies can leverage Ranger’s policies to anonymize or tokenize data while moving into the cloud and de-anonymize dynamically using Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, or plain old ETL using MapReduce. We will also deep dive into Ranger’s proposed integration with S3 and other cloud-native systems. We will wrap it up with an end-to-end demo showing how tags and tag-based masking policies can be used to anonymize sensitive data and track how tags are propagated within the system and how sensitive data can be protected using tag-based policies


Don Bosco Durai
Chief Security Architect
Don Bosco Durai (Bosco) is a thought leader in enterprise security and is a committer in open source projects like Apache Ranger, Apache Ambari, and Apache HAWQ. He has also contributed towards the security for most of the Hadoop components. Bosco was the co-founder of XA Secure, which is the genesis of Apache Ranger. Bosco is currently the co-founder of Privacera where he is tackling the data security challenges in modern data architecture, like Big Data and Cloud, where large data set constantly moves between different environments, which can result major security breaches or compliance violation if not managed properly. Privacera automates discovery of sensitive data, does transparent encryption/anonymization, manages access policies and monitors access.
Madhan Neethiraj
Sr. Director of Engineering
Madhan Neethiraj is an Apache committer and PMC for Apache Atlas and Apache Ranger projects. He works at Hortonworks as Sr. Director of Engineering in Enterprise Security Team. His contributions include Apache Ranger features like audit framework, stack model, tag-based policies, masking and row-filter policies; and Apache Atlas features like V2 APIs, search enhancements. Prior to Hortonworks, Madhan was at Oracle in development of security access management suite, governance and real-time fraud detection/prevention products. Prior to Oracle, he was with Bharosa Inc. responsible for the development of real-time fraud detection solution for Financial Institutes, HealthCare and eCommerce.