Leveraging Open Source Innovations in Security & Governance: Going From Zero to Hero with Trusted Data Lakes

Leveraging Open Source Innovations in Security & Governance: Going From Zero to Hero with Trusted Data Lakes

Thursday, October 11
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM

As data increasingly forms the foundation for competitive differentiation in enterprises, they are constantly challenged to identify trusted data assets to base their key business decisions on. In order for organizations to make effective business decisions, organizations need to have trusted data assets that they can impute the right value to and use responsibly while satisfying any organizational or regulatory mandates.

In this talk, we will cover the latest innovations in open source technologies in the security and governance focus areas. We will outline how open source innovations can be leveraged by enterprises to deliver better business value to their customers with their data while satisfying compliance obligations which call for increased scrutiny and focus on data security and responsible stewardship and governance of their customer’s data. We will highlight the latest advances from open source projects Apache Knox, Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas that enable enterprises with a robust big data scale set of capabilities in the areas of authentication, authorization, audits, data protection, metadata management and information governance.

Together, these innovations will help enterprises with a rich set of tools to manage enterprise-wide authentication challenges in a hybrid multi-cloud data universe, to set rational data security and protection policies across disparate data sources, to build a catalog to classify and govern the plethora of enterprise data assets, and ultimately to empower data scientists, analysts and the data governance teams with trusted data for decision making.


Hortonworks, Inc.
スリカンス・ベンカットは、現在、HortonworksにてApache Knox、Apache Ranger、Apache Atlas、プラットフォーム ワイド セキュリティ、Hortonworks DataPlane Serviceを含む、製品のセキュリティ&ガバナンスのポートフォリオに携わっています。Hortonworksに入社する以前は、クラウドサービス、市場、セキュリティ、ビジネスアプリケーションなどの分野で様々な職務の経験があります。スリカンスは、製品管理から、戦略および運営、テクニカルアーキテクチャまで様々な分野でリーダーシップの経験があり、TelefonicaやSalesforce、Cisco-Webex、Proofpoint、Dataguise、Trilogy Software、Hewlett-Packardを含む、新興企業からグローバル企業まで広範囲の職務経験を持ちます。スリカンスは、ピッツバーグ大学で人工知能に焦点を置いたエンジニアリングの博士号、インディアナ大学でGeneral ManagementのMBA、サンダーバード国際経営大学院にてグローバルマネジメントの修士号を取得しています。趣味はデータサイエンスと機械学習で、ビッグデータテクノロジーを触ることを楽しんでいます。