Meet HBase 2.0 and Phoenix-5.0

Thursday, October 11
4:50 PM - 5:30 PM

This talk will give an overview of two exciting releases for Apache HBase 2.0 and Phoenix 5.0. HBase provides a NoSQL column store on Hadoop for random, real-time read/write workloads. Phoenix provides SQL on top of HBase. HBase 2.0 contains a large number of features that were a long time in development, including rewritten region assignment, performance improvements (RPC, rewritten write pipeline, etc), async clients and WAL, a C++ client, offheaping memstore and other buffers, shading of dependencies, as well as a lot of other fixes and stability improvements. We will go into details on some of the most important improvements in the release, as well as what are the implications for the users in terms of API and upgrade paths. Phoenix 5.0 is the next big Phoenix release because of its integration with HBase 2.0 and a lot of performance improvements in support of secondary Indexes. It has many important new features such as encoded columns, Kafka and Hive integration, and many other performance improvements. This session will also describe the uses cases that HBase and Phoenix are a good architectural fit for.


Hortonworks, Inc.
アラン・ゲイツは Hortonworks の創業者であり、Pig を Yahoo!から入手した人物です。Labの研究プロジェクトから Apache オープンソースプロジェクトへ導いたエンジニアリングチームのオリジナルメンバーです。アランは Apache Hive、Pig、その他多くの Apache プロジェクトの PMC メンバーです。Apache のインキュベーター PMC の一環として、彼は多くの Apache コミュニティーに対するメンターを務めてきました。アランは、Oregon State University にて数学の理学士号を、Fuller Theological Seminary にて神学の修士号を取得しています。また、「Programming Pig」(O'Reilly Press 出版) の著者でもあります。Twitterでアランをフォロー: @alanfgates