Data-Centric Transformation in the Telecom industry

Data-Centric Transformation in the Telecom industry

4:05 PM - 4:50 PM

The Telecom Industry has been at the heart of the new Digital Transformation Era with the focal points of the smart phone, digital content, and social media allowing us to interact with the new world. This digital consumer era is overlapping with the connected world of smart cities, connected car, smart homes, connected medical devices, and the industrial internet of things. This is giving rise to the new connected communities, member networks or marketplaces sharing data and insights across these new functional ecosystems. Service providers are being challenged to better manage the relationship and the experiences of their customers, build and leverage smart networks, and drive or facilitate these new digital services and connected communities.

During this interactive session, areas of discussion will include:
- Big data and real-time analytics for enhancing customer experience and target advertising
- Analytics driven next generation OSS and the Smart Network
- Connected communities that leveraging blockchain with big data


Sanjay Kumar
General Manager, Communications & Media Industry
Hortonworks, Inc.
Sanjay is a telecom industry veteran with extensive experience in the strategy and execution of next generation data-centric industry solutions for enhancing customer experience, optimizing network operations and increasing revenue generation through digital transformation. Sanjay currently leads the global communications & media business at Hortonworks helping communication service providers leverage Hadoop and NiFi to transform their data into a force of business growth and competitive differentiation and to drive data-centric solutions for the connected world & for Industrial IOT. Previously, he held executive roles, leading the global telecom industry business, solutions, and strategy at VMware, Pivotal, Progress Software, Savvion, and TMNG and has help drive business transformation, end-to-end architecture and new business initiatives at Bell Canada, Level3, AT&T Canada, Iowa Telecom, ETB, ATT/Ameritech, Wingcast, and other global service providers.