Real-time Analytics at PayPal

Thursday, May 23
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Marquis Salon 13

PayPal is a data-driven organization, processing billions of identity, payment, risk, user and web behavioral events per day. The analytics and data platform is the one powering these different data needs, use cases and growth story at PayPal. Some data use cases, require data to be available in near real time to make timely decision and improve the customer experience. The architecture, data processing and pipeline for handling such cases differs from other paradigms.

This talk will cover PayPal’s journey into realtime analytics, how PayPal is processing and handling real time data at scale using Apache Kafka, Spark streaming and Akka streaming, what limitation and challenges are involved with real time data pipeline and how signals from realtime analytics are used for quick feedback and decision making.

Presentation Video


Sanjeev Koranga
Engineering Manager
Sanjeev Koranga is leading the PayPal’s instrumentation and analytics platform team. He is responsible for making PayPal’s behavioral analytics self-serve & designing and developing systems for turning data into meaningful insights.
Shobana Neelakantan
Engineering Manager
Shobana is a Big Data enthusiast, passionate about data analytics and solving complex and interesting problems. She leads the Tracking Platform team in PayPal which is responsible for collecting all the behavioral server side events of PayPal which is then enriched and processed for various downstream analytics. She has experience building real time analytics platform that collects and processes more than 15 billion events a day using technology stacks that includes open source software's like Squbs, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, Presto, Druid and Teradata.